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Semantic Web3

Published onJan 16, 2019
Semantic Web3


Web 3.0” is the emergent system of data, content, structures and patterns continuously being generated by peer-to-peer (p2p) interactions. In the context of blockchain, these interactions are encoded in smart contracts, automated by protocols, formalized in governance mechanisms, organized in networks like Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Extending the existing Semantic Web (2.o) to include these complex and dynamic interactions requires enabling platforms, and shared standards and practices, for semantic mapping of p2p interactions & transactions.

If these interactions are expressed and recorded with continuity across use cases, disciplines, knowledge vectors, information sources etc., a rich dataset will emerge for analysis, simulation and further collaboration.

We at dOrg, a consortium of researchers, developers and designers addressing the necessary “collaboration at scale,”creating open-source tools and supporting collective action toward generating this Semantic Web3 by capturing and mapping interactions as they emerge.

  • Demonstrate a key example :
    - The paper Liberal Radicalism: A Flexible Design For Philanthropic Matching Funds (2018) introduced 4 use cases for a quadratic voting mechanism designed to power values-based governance
    - Blockchain developers and social impact organizations are starting to test if it “actually works,” a rare incentive alignment to enable participatory governance approaches to scale.
    - can’t tell “if it works” without defining metrics, parameters, variables etc.
    - define these parameters w/ shared standards to track throughout the ecosystem while allowing many applications of simulation and modeling

  • Related: Groups building DAOs recognize this need, but don’t have a shared space to work

How to share results

On DAOstack — using a shared DAO creation toolkit
via AirTable — for sharing + annotating parameters
on forums — talking about how groups are using these tools

Communicate, organize, iterate
dOrg is a consortium of researchers, developers and designers, open to individuals and groups. For discussing how to build these tools and map interactions and define metrics as they emerge.
- Existing meeting: dGov in Berlin, week of Jan 28
- New + existing forums: dOrg (Github, Riot), the Mechanism Design Working Group (Github, Telegram).

Specifically: (friend of Siranush)

Siranush Babakhanova: