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Global sharing of PDF area annotations

Published onJun 10, 2022
Global sharing of PDF area annotations

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Goal: Add image + area annotations to global annotation stores
a) Add area annotations [AA] for PDFs to Hypothesis
b) Help Zotero users share their AAs to Hypothesis

c) Make library that works w/ new tools (e.g.: stencila, anot8)
d) Integrate simple document clustering (URLs; DOIs; fatcat=unpaywall+IA+)


Following the Zotero design in Zotero 6

  • 1. Add AA to Hypothesis’s pdf reader

    • show both AA and text annotations together

    • Have clients other than Z.6 pdf-reader done this?

  • 2. Add “publish to” to Z-reader

    • add Hyp fingerprinting to Zotero; use Hyp API call to publish

    • could be a Z plugin

  • 3. Support global sharing

    • Support AAs in Hypothesis + other Open Annotation repositories

    • Check that ‘default public’ annotations and fingerprint sharing work,

      for PDFs served locally or by other sites (may need clustering to work well)


  • 6 months focused time by an annotation maven w/ js + pdf experience

  • Support network w/ Zotero + Hypothesis experts (API quirks, formulating designs as PRs or plugins, getting design review)

    • Notes of support: Dan Whaley (Hyp), ? (Zot)

Related work


  • Add Zotero plugin for this:

    • Implement 2. above if hard to fit into core

    • “find notes” in Z-reader

  • Related past projects:

  • Zotero users asking for various features

  • Document clustering as a service

    • and other sources of “document clusters” (sets of URLs and content hashes that are versions of the same doc), for aggregating notes


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