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+1D (“Life” Manager)

Published onJan 16, 2019
+1D (“Life” Manager)

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” Buddha


This is a platform that allows people to visualize the different realities where they can live based on decisions, and the cost of each decision in TIME.

  • a logarithmic calendar to see longer term goals (and share them)

  • estimates of completion based on data from other people’s calendars, based on task completion

  • import protocols of work/experiment/study to include tools for specifying different aspects with their

    • time of completion

    • importance

    • if a process stops: how the related project is affected vs time graph

  • 3+1 D objectification of data (Ex: for a bio of a person or company)

    • use protein or a growing organism to visualize the growth & interaction of something in 3D (Ex: interests in arts/science ratio and their relation)

  • Uses data from similar procedures to advise you

  • Gets information about best protocols or life courses and sells it

Example in practice: None known (but cf parallels w/ Beeminder)
Potential: My laboratory projects and goals*

How to share:
+ Web application to be built, integrating w/ existing calendars
+ Optional: Tools to capture procedures with PTC + Hololens

Communicate, Organize, Iterate
+ Open to any person to use who has a computer or other gadget - expected to be scaled to something like google calendar and google docs/Dropbox audience
+ Organize the information using tags, make suggestions based on statistics and get feedback from users
+ Specifically: ?

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