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Interlay: Recipes

Published onJan 27, 2021
Interlay: Recipes


Recipes are an important part of daily life, and a great model for other layers of knowledge.

They also highlight one layer (how to make a dish) in a familiar stack of more and less granular knowledge.

Data sources

Related layers:

  • Food (Ontologies — FoodOn)

  • Ingredients, nutrition (FDA nutrition)

  • Flavors (🍷 , 🧀 , 🍫 , vaping, &c)

  • Dishes (each w/ a set of “recipes”)

  • Cookbooks, diets (curated style of recipe)


  • FoodKG (graph of dishes and foods)

  • Websites w/ reviews and images (

  • Catalogs and lists

Queries + knowledge flows

What can I make with what I have?
What sets of flavors work well together?
What sets of recipes are similar to this? What are ways to make X?
Generate a coherent menu of recipes for the week.

Scripts + tools:

Nexus + data sharing

Communities: people maintaining recipe apps + tools

Updates + synchronization

Similar efforts

sources, collections, scripts, queries, catalogs

People to invite

  • Food recipes: Bruno C

  • What a recipe is (problem-solving): [flancian]

Needed interfaces

  • social media / pubpub / note-taking

  • ways to persistently ping lists of people

    • —> linking + permalinks

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