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Innovation data

Published onJan 29, 2021
Innovation data

Latest draft


  • How do we chart the history, and potential future of innovation?

  • How do we visualize current interconnection between ideas?

  • What sources and visualizations (underlays and overlays) are widely used to explore and contribute to these things?

Example email:

Dear [Cyril],
I have been thinking about how we chart the history and interconnection between ideas, what more we might do that doesn’t exist, and what sources and visualizations can help explore this space.
I started working on a summary here: <link> And would welcome your thoughts or input.



Patents themselves

Interlace of Patents to other docs

  • Reliance on Science - patents to scholarship

  • IProduct - patent to product


  • MAG + S2 + IArch Scholar

Proposals, ideas, grants

  • SOLVE, Solve for X, Lever


  • Integration: Social sources

  • UL: Personal KGs

  • OL: Personalized news feeds


  • Curated catalog of popular datasets + vetted metadata

  • Extended catalog of repositories (re3data)

  • View into available streams of new data

  • Infrastructure for catalyzing better contributions to the above

    • visualization of what’s involved in producing common results

People to invite

  • People trying to build the simplest possible thing (for some use)

    • BigQuery [ Ian Wetherbee + team ]

    • PatCit [ et al ]

    • Historians [‘history of tech’, ‘technology/civilization tree’]

    • How Things Work / xkcd / Tim Urban

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