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Contributing to the Space Collection

Published onFeb 16, 2022
Contributing to the Space Collection

Our goal is to make this PubPub Space Collection a hub for new thinking, healthy information flow and sharing, and living conversations for the community of practice around the Earth and Space Sciences Knowledge Commons [McGranaghan et al., 2022].

Please consider this a platform for artifacts from discussions about the knowledge commons, an epistemic commons.

We welcome contributions of all sorts, including:

  • Long- and short-form essays

  • Blog-like posts

  • Open projects looking for contributions or dissemination

  • Open questions for this growing Community of Practice

  • Earth and Space Science dataset descriptions and relationships

  • Information and knowledge representation descriptions

How to submit, contribute, and interact:

  1. To submit an essay or other multimedia post:

    • Use the “Create Pub” link in the site header to import or create a pub.

    • Use the “Add to Collection” button in the top-right to add it to the Space collection.

    • Once you are happy with it, Request Publication.

      Then any of the community editors can give you feedback and publish it to the site.

  2. To comment on existing pubs, highlight the text you want to comment on and type into the resulting prompt, or reply to an existing comment. Comments are indicated in the right-hand margin, but collapsed by default.

  3. To contribute to or update our dataset index, get in touch by email.

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