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Identifiers and metadata

Published onJul 27, 2021
Identifiers and metadata

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A reading group discussion in July 2021 around ARK identifiers, and related projects, led to a series of discussions on the state of global identifiers and metadata, and how they are identified, archived, maintained, and aligned.

Identifiers: ARKs, namespaces, and PIDs

Arks.orgName to Thing
PIDapalooza — communities of practice

Metadata collections: YAMZ and more

YAMZ — what’s next?

Notes and other topics

Notes from initial discussions: Wikidata:Metadata zoo.
The half-life of knowledge:

  • mesofacts (even in the best of cases, accuracy falls off w/ context + time)

  • link rot (half of the ontologies LOV aggregated + references are gone),

  • namespace crunch (low-use / early tests taking short / memorable names)

* context: some example layers of knowledge.
* specialist knowledge networks: XSEDE (NSF, science, semantics + computing + more)

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